Saturday, August 28, 2010

Phil & Sons Pizza

Only thing that could make this look any better is a bottle of GF beer!

  Today I had a long conference in Flushing Queens, so on the way home I called in my order to Phil & Sons Pizza.  We happened to find it a few months ago and learned that they served Gluten Free Pizza and Pasta.  The last time we ate there I had not started this blog so I don't really recall the distinct flavor of the pizza.  I did recall it was pretty good though, then again I consider all gluten free pizza good, because I can finally go out somewhere and get a meal.  Tonight it was convenient on my drive home and I was smart enough last night to program the number into my phone.  I called in and the gentleman who answered was nice enough to check their stock of gf pizza crusts before he allowed me to finish my order.  Pepperoni and black olives of course!
  I got there no problem and had to wait a little bit, but it wasn't long, when there is a pizza at the end of the wait.  I got home and Ceci was thrilled to see a pizza!  Mind you she had already eaten dinner with her grandparents who assured me she ate really well.  We got to the kitchen and I went ahead and gave her a slice too, who can resist pizza.  We sat together and enjoyed our dinner.  I don't think I remember the crust from the first time we ate at Phil & Sons, when I opened the box it seemed much larger than I recalled.  
  The crust is not made in house, I regret to say I did not ask what company they order from, and I definitely have not had it before at any other pizza place.  At first I thought it looked really crispy, but after eating it I found it dense and a bit chewy.  It reminded me of the Glutino brand pizza crusts I have previously bought at Whole foods and heated up at home.  I have to say it's not the most amazing crust I have ever had, but it's not a bad way to get cheese, pepperoni, and olives into your mouth together.  The sauce was a little garlic-y for my taste, but it was flavorful none-the-less.  We will definitely be getting more pizzas from Phil & Sons in the future.