Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some parenting scatological humor

I know many people already know that you MUST have a sense of humor to be a parent or you are doomed, but somethings just bring out the 8 year old in me.  It may not be terribly nice and Ceci is going to dislike this post in about 10-12 years, but I just find these things funny.

It seems that Ceci suffers from some amount of motion sickness, we have been on two long car rides and the poor girl has tossed her cookies.  I am currently looking up tips and tricks to keep her from getting sick in the first place, but I would be a fool if I wasn't also hunting down something for her to "throw-out" (her translation of throw-up) into.  I've had more than my fair share of rides on the porcelain bus, so I figure I'm allowed to laugh at all this, long and hard if I must.  And now that I have my own little girl getting sick from time to time, if I don't laugh, I will be in tears.

I just had to share some of the emesis bags I have found over the course of the day because some of these are far to funny to keep to myself.  Apparently the people who make these things have a fantastic sense of humor too!

The first and my most favorite had me laughing so hard I cried.  You have to watch the little 5 minute video, and please while you are watching it imagine a little kid with this thing strapped onto them.  You will laugh too, I just can't imagine how the host talks about it with a straight face for the entire 5 minutes, he is very dedicated to his product.


The next one, is all sorts of cute and funny.  Who knew barf bags could be this interesting.  There are over 115 different designs to choose from and they can be used for so much more than puke.


Another one with a different target audience in mind, but still entertaining to me was,


Last and certainly not least were the ones we ended up buying, since they are carried at a local pharmacy.  The image on the box alone cracks me up.  It's horrible!


I hope this at least reached the 8 year old in you and made you chuckle.  I didn't realize there was such humor surrounding this touchy subject, I still thought it was a bit taboo, but it seems it certainly is not.  I'm happy to see that we can laugh and poke fun at all this because laughing is about the only way to survive the clean up.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Check your Gluten Free Medication

Today I Ceci and I went to one of her Drs and she mentioned I should check out a website to be sure that our medications are gluten free.  It was something I had NEVER considered before!  I felt better after reading the website, it turns out gluten in medication is not a common occurance.  All of mine and Ceci's medications were thankfully on the list.  Please double check your medications too.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How I survived school lunch time

Brings back so many memories!

I had the good fortune of finding out I had Celiac disease at a very young age (under two years old), and was more than fortunate to have parents who took immaculate care of my digestive system.  Being able to eat a school lunch was a very rare occurrence for me growing up, my mom packed my lunch everyday of my elementary and some of my middle school years.  At least until my preteen hormones kicked in and talked back to her about what she was packing, from that day on I was on my own (big mistake).

I remember vividly one of my favorite "sandwiches" to find, a plain Quaker rice cake smeared with Adams crunchy peanut butter, topped with banana or apple slices to keep the Pb from sticking to the sandwich bag, and to add extra fruit.  I can't tell you the thousands upon thousands of strange looks I got over the years, but to this day I sometimes make it for myself for lunch.  Now I just have to substitute sun butter for the peanut butter when Ceci is around.

If you are looking for different lunch ideas for yourself or your kids try this one, and if you need more inspiration take a look at the list Kim of Cook it Allergy free made of, PRINTABLE LIST OF 50+ ALLERGY-FRIENDLY LUNCHBOX IDEAS.  It's really inspiring!  Makes me rethink my own lunches for those days I feel in a rut.

In progress, pretty simple to make.