Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gluten Free Bun at Red Robin, YUMMMM!

DELICIOUS gluten free buns from Red Robin!

Last night we picked up Tim from the airport and took advantage of being near the only Red Robin on Long Island for dinner.  We have been to a few Red Robins in the last couple of years, including the one in Carle Place and always enjoyed our meals.  After arriving last night and facilitating multiple bathroom trips and trying to get all of Ellis's food out of the diaper bag, I glanced at the menu for a second and tried to make a decision.  Thank goodness Tim is a speed reader because he was the one who noticed they now carry Gluten Free Hamburger Buns, for $1.00 more.

I usually get my burgers wrapped in lettuce when I'm there, which is nice, but messy, the juice just leaks out all over the place and makes a disaster.  I didn't have much faith that the Gluten Free Bun would be much more than edible, but was I ever WRONG!!!  It was AMAZING!!!  Soft, warm, lightly toasted, and buttered, PERFECT!  I have eaten so many hamburgers without buns in my life that this was a truly delicious experience, the bun is there to sop up all the juices and make the whole thing more edible, who knew!

Tim also noted that his Royal Red Robin burger actually looked like the picture on the menu when it was delivered to him.  I had the "Big Tavern," I think, the waitress helped me order (she told me the Tavern double is two smaller patties and almost the same weight as the Big Tavern) amid the chaos of two hungry kids, and I couldn't have been happier .  Ceci had a cheese burger without a bun, she is so spoiled!  She lives in a world where there is access to gluten free buns and she doesn't even want them, foolishness!

We will be going back for sure!  And if I have my say it will be sooner than later.