Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

I'm sure some of you have seen the photo from our Holiday Cookie Party and my tremendous mess of flours in all sorts of miss-matched containers.  That was all solved this weekend!  My Tupperware delivery arrived, and I was able to sort though all my flours and put them nice and neat into the cabinet.  I feel so much better looking into that pantry shelf now, no anxiety!  These were my Mother's Day present from my husband, even though I picked them out and ordered them.  Oh well, I still love him!  I think it might finally be time to throw away the lingering tub of wheat flour that has been in the cabinet forever.  I used to make separate batches of waffles, or cookies for myself and my husband, now I just make him eat GF, poor guy!  It would be torture except he prefers the GF stuff anyway.

Did I mention the Tupperware is liquid tight, air tight, and guaranteed for life?  That's what got me!  Now I won't ever have to worry about Ceci dropping a container while she is helping me bake, and no more haphazard Tetris inside the panty!
After the wonders of Tupperware!