Sunday, September 12, 2010

Delicious Contraband!

The other day I was given an amazing gift of Gluten Free Bisquick, from our wonderful friends who have a direct access line to the General Mills Corporation.  I was utterly curious about the product and couldn't wait to find out how it would taste, work, and come out in a dish.  I decided to make a project for Ceci and I one afternoon before dinner and make the biscuit recipe on the box (there are about 8 different recipes on the box).  Projects help us pass the day and keep Ceci happy and occupied, and who doesn't love having warm biscuits as the end result of a "project."
It was a really quick recipe and didn't need any rolling or kneading, we were able to make the batch in a mixing bowl with a rubber spatula for stirring, no mixer needed.  Oh, sorry we did use a pastry cutter and the only change to the recipe I made was to substitute butter for shortening, we were out of shortening in the house.  They baked really quickly, 15 minutes, and at minute 16 I was trying not to burn my fingers while picking one up to eat.
These biscuits were amazing!!  Tender, flaky, delicious!  Perfect!!!!  I want to get my hands on a pallet of this stuff.  I want to make all the different recipes, heck I could just make biscuits every day and be happy.  There were some biscuits left over in the morning, so we decided to make sausage egg and cheese on a biscuit for breakfast (which is the picture I included at the top).  Considering I've never eaten one at McDonald's, ever, this was outstanding.
The Gluten Free Bisquick is a huge boon to the gluten free community, I hope it is able to make it through the test processes to market, because it is a great product.  I know many people who have been recently diagnosed, and are missing so many bread products, and yet they are intimidated to mix flours or attempt to make baked goods.  If the Gluten Free Bisquick product was commercially available in the grocery store I think so many people would be scooping it up.  I know I would keep several boxes in the pantry for when I feel like a quick easy baked treat.

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  1. I found Gluten Free Bisquick at Pathmark today with the boxes of Regular Bisquick. I just wish it came in a 10 lb box, I need more of this stuff!