Sunday, November 7, 2010

Annie's Gluten Free Bunny Cookies

Ceci has a new love in the food world!  I found these at Stop and Shop one day and she was very excited "Mommy, Bunny Crackers!!"  I of course bought them and gave her a few in the car, she seemed to enjoy them.  I've given them to her occasionally, and she likes them.  Then the other day out of nowhere she pulled them out of the pantry herself and told me she needed Bunny Crackers, I should mention it was 10am.  Not my ideal time to give, an already busy toddler, cookies.  She eventually got her cookies, she just had to wait till after lunch.  Now if Annie's would just make a box of only chocolate bunny cookies, Ceci would be in hog-heaven.  She eats around the vanilla ones like they are poison, I think they are delicious, they have the texture of a graham cracker.  I like the combination of the two cookies together, but life isn't really about what I like sometimes.  I checked their website, and no such luck, they only make the combo pack of cookies.  I'll keep an eye out, until then I suppose I'll have to eat all the leftover vanilla cookies, poor me.

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