Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chef's Gluten Free Pizza

Chef's Gluten Free Pizza

This weekend we ordered dinner from Chef's, which has become a habit for us lately, which is fine by me. My husband has been eating at Chef's for years and a few months ago saw they started serving gluten free pizzas.  We were happy to find out they are one of the least expensive of the local pizzarias to serve gluten free pies, a plain pizza runs about $8.95, where other places charge as much as $15.95 for the exact same thing.  One other simple reason we love Chef's is that my husband can pick it up on his way home from work.

As far as the actual pizza goes, it's good, I probably think it's better than it is because I can get a decent gluten free pizza, not far from home at a good price, that will make almost anything taste better.  Realistically the crust is a little cardboard like, I assume that is due to it being made off site, frozen, and shipped to Chef's.  I do really enjoy the sauce they use, it has a nice little kick to it, working well with the pepperoni and olives that I typically order.  I do wish they would offer some gluten free pasta dishes on their menu but I can be happy with the pizza for now.  I would like to acknowledge a few things that Chef's does correctly in regard to serving the gluten free pizzas.  The pizzas come on a little aluminum pan which they leave it in when the slide it into the oven so as not to cross contaminate the pizza with any thing that may be laying in the bottom of the oven previously.  Next, when I watched them cut my pizza into slices I saw that they thoroughly wiped down the pizza cutter before applying it to my pie.  Tim also over heard the manager speaking to the staff during his last pick up about the procedures of cooking and serving a gluten free pizza safely.  A few small steps that I appreciate them taking the time and effort to make a safer meal for me.

Overall I'm very happy to eat a Chef's gluten free pizza, hopefully as I said previously they can expand their gluten free menu to include pasta and entrees.  I'll let you know as soon as I do if that happens.

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